That Time the Devil Revealed Himself To Mashiach As The Authority Behind All the Nations

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following image being shared by an acquaintance, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

My Commentary: Who could forget that time the Devil revealed to Mashiach that he controls all of the governments of the world? Most Christians, apparently…

It must be easier to consume the lies of the false, self-proclaimed “apostle,” Shaul/Paul, a Pharisee, from the Tribe of Benjamin, who was also a Roman citizen. Shaul’s fraudulent, lukewarm, feel-good “Gospel of Grace” directly contradicts the teachings of Mashiach, again and again. In the end, Peter’s prophecy was fulfilled when Paul hijacked his role, as “Apostle” to the Gentiles…

Open the “New Testament” and see for yourself how Shaul’s books make up more than half of it. If you have a red-letter bible, note how Shaul’s chapters contain almost no quotes from Mashiach, outside of his witness-free “conversion” event, on the road to Damascus – a story that he changed, and even embellished, every one of the three times he told it… An astute reader would notice that Shaul never actually met Mashiach, in person, because he was much too busy serving writs of execution from Jerusalem upon the first followers of Mashiach.

There are specific rules in Scripture for what qualified one as a disciple or an apostle of Mashiach. One was required to physically follow after Mashiach while he was still alive. This is why Matthias was the twelfth apostle chosen by the eleven to replace the thieving betrayer, Judas. There is no scriptural support for a “Thirteenth Apostle.” The Devil has always been allowed to present his corruption, right alongside the Truth, presenting us with the opportunity to exercise our Spirit of Discernment, along with our Free Will, in the choice between right, wrong, and whatever’s left.

None of this should be surprising, as it is part of a recurring theme. Remember how the crowd chose to free the murderer, Barabbas, over the innocent Mashiach?

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