Facebook ‘Fact-Checkers’ Scrawl Irrelevant Graffiti on Legitimate Infographic In Transparent Attempt Distract and Deter Readers From Investing Truth

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Look at the irrelevant graffiti that Facebook added to this post… It’s nothing more than a battle with a strawman, distracting any potential viewers from seeing perfectly legitimate and relevant information, considering the latest medical demands being issued from resident mad scientist (also, climate alarmist, panic porn star, and all around genocidal eugenicist), Bill Gates, about the need for dietary restrictions on carnivorous activity in first-world countries, in favor of “fake-meat” alternatives…

Also, notice how the so-called “independent fact checker,” here, turns out to be none other than the Australian Associated Press… What exactly happened to Facebook blocking news from Australia, to avoid payment of royalties, under the country’s latest legal interpretation of intellectual property rights? In their mad rush to maintain a disinformation campaign, Facebook can’t even maintain a baseline of consistency. What a f🤡cking cl🤡wn sh🤡w!

Australia Slams Facebook’s Move to Block News as Unnecessary and Heavy-Handed:

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