Facebook Censors Prevent Legitimate Suicide Awareness Campaign Regarding Impact of Lockdowns

I originally posted the following screenshot and statement onto my Facebook wall…

(I’ve intentionally distorted the right side of the image below, so that I am able post about this round of Facebook censorship without it being further censored)

My appeal reply:

“As per the Facebook Terms of Service, the artwork I shared does not ‘encourage suicide or self-injury,’ is not ‘graphic,’ does not ‘identif[y] and negatively target victims or survivors of suicide or self-injury seriously, humorously or rhetorically,’ and is not a ‘real time depiction of suicide or self-injury,’ so it is not a candidate for restriction, as it merely raises awareness about the epidemic rise in suicide that has emerged as a result of COVID lockdowns, and the lack of public knowledge or concern about it, due to a year-long, global, hyper-focus on coronavirus.

I have been regularly posting about the sad and alarming phenomenon of the 2020-21 suicide rise on my Facebook wall. The following articles fully support the message and intention of the artwork I shared:

In Japan, More People Died From Suicide Last Month Than from COVID In All of 2020, With Women Impacted, Most:

Suicides on Rise Amid Stay-at-Home Order, Bay Area Medical Professionals Say:

Suicide is Now the Leading Cause of Death for Children Ages 10 to 14 in Ohio:

Suicide Attempts Among Children Skyrocket Amid Pandemic:

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