Fecal Plume Phenomenon in the Case of COVID-19

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Teachers Union Demands Lids on All Toilets—Though No COVID Cases Traced to Toilets:

(Jon Miltimore) Unions are known for playing hardball politics, but the latest demand by San Francisco teachers has some people scratching their heads.

The San Francisco Chronicle last week reported that the United Educators of San Francisco are demanding “the installation of lids on every toilet, which is not required or recommended by county, state or federal health officials.”

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My Commentary: Google “fecal plume” and “high-powered toilet flush.”

Then, remember this story of the Navy crew who tested negative for COVID-19 before voyaging to sea, only to come down with a severe outbreak, after debarking, while exposed to no one…

Dozens of Sailors from Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt Test Newly Positive for Coronavirus, Navy Says:

Scientists Turn to Sewage for Clues on Coronavirus Pandemic:

Scientists Say Coronavirus Can Spread Through ‘Aerosolized Feces’

It’s 2020, So, Naturally, Poop Plumes Are a Problem, Too:

Masks don’t help with this less-reported, little-explored issue of commercial public toilets as a virus-vector, anymore than they help with any airborne pathogen. The best defenses available are regular hand washing, closing the toilet lid before flushing, and avoiding use of any public toilet with a high-powered flusher and no lid.

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