Debating Legal Immunity Granted to Big Pharma for Production of Experimental ‘Preventative’ COVID mRNA Gene Therapies

The following debate originally took place here, upon the Facebook wall of the page, “Insider Tech“…

Insider Tech: The vaccines will not be mandatory for all Americans and can’t track your location via microchip. But they also won’t be effective instantaneously.

8 Coronavirus Vaccine Myths Debunked, From Microchipping to DNA Changes:

Rayn: Debunk this!

People Harmed by Coronavirus Vaccines Will Have Little Recourse:

Drugmakers Shielded from COVID Vaccine Liability But Funds for Injury Claims in Doubt:

The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures:

New Push Could Block COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries From Program That Usually Pays Victims:

Big Pharma Co. Gets Immunity from COVID Vaccine Liability: ‘We as a Company Simply Cannot Take the Risk’:

AstraZeneca to be Exempt from Coronavirus Vaccine Liability Claims in Most Countries:

Drug Companies Continue to Shed Liability for Rushed Coronavirus Treatments:

Who’s Responsible for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage? Not the Manufacturers:

COVID-19 Vaccine Makers See EU Shield Against Side-Effect Claims:

UK Government Grants Pfizer Civil Legal Indemnity for COVID-19 Vaccine:

[Canada’s] Trudeau Government Silent on Drug Manufacturer Liability for COVID-19 Vaccines:

Vaccine Suppliers Given Indemnity for ‘Inevitable’ Side Effects:

Who Pays Compensation if a COVID-19 Vaccine has Rare Side-Effects? Here’s the Little We Know About Australia’s New Deal:

Sallah C.: Rayn, let’s see what these vaccine pushers have to say for themselves

Rayn: Indeed, Sallah!


Dylan M.: Rayn Kleipe-Green the faces at the bottom is called Bell’s palsy stop the lie! I even have the original picture of the post!

Rayn: Dylan, please try to keep up with the most current facts, before publishing your uniformed opinion. It’s not a good look. Even the corrupt FDA doesn’t agree with you.

FDA Staff Recommends Watching for Bell’s Palsy in Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Recipients:

Sallah C.: Top WHO Scientist Says Vaccinated Travelers Should Still Quarantine, Citing Lack of Evidence That COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Transmission:

Megan D.: Rayn, hey I got a little (actually a lot) of helpful info from the articles you provided and honestly, I don’t think you read these articles fully. Maybe it was just a lack of comprehension, but here’s a few excerpts from the articles: Vaccines generally are safe, but they can cause side effects—called “adverse events” in studies—including shoulder injuries related to injections, allergic reactions, fainting and certain neurological conditions like encephalitis. Some of the side effects are rare, and public-health officials say the benefits of vaccines in preventing diseases like polio, measles and rotavirus outweigh the risks. 2nd article: No vaccine or drug is 100% safe,” said Cody Meissner, head of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Division at Tufts Medical Center and former chairman of the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines. But benefits exceed the risks. “An adverse reaction for any vaccine is much less than catching the illness and having complications.” 3rd article: While the PREP Act declaration for COVID-19 countermeasures remains in effect, persons seriously injured by the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by FDA through an EUA (such as the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine or the Moderna vaccine) could seek compensation through CICP, not VICP. Generally speaking, compensation through CICP is somewhat more limited than VICP. I gave you information from sources you provided on how this vaccine will benefit you, what risks it has, and compensation if an injury results! Hey, thanks for that! Now try rereading those articles YOU provided so you can see for yourself!

Rayn: I read every single article I shared, here, Meghan, and they all report the same VITAL facts that you completely sidestep, to shamelessly shill for Big Pharma…

The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines employ a very new, completely experimental mRNA technology, yet were both rushed through the normal testing phases, and released to the public without the usual benefit of conducting long-term studies, first.

Both companies will continue to study their products, after public release, meaning that the public is part of a BETA TEST, without their knowledge or informed consent.

The pharmaceutical manufacturers will not be held liable for any damages caused by their products. In other words, only “immunity” these vaccines offer, ironically, is legal immunity, for Big Pharma! Any damages caused by these experimental vaccines will be paid for through our tax-dollars, not through the enormous profits that Big Pharma is making off of their experimental vaccines.

Pfizer and Moderna Could Score $32 Billion in COVID-19 Vaccine Sales — in 2021 Alone:

I gave you pertinent information from my sources, and you ignored it, to shill for Big Pharma, and justify mass-scale human experimentation by convicted corporate felon pharmaceutical companies, without informed consent. Try reading the articles I posted, and thinking critically about the information, instead of waiting for the mainstream media monopoly to connect the dots, for you… With all of the articles I shared, did you find anything about Pfizer being a convicted corporate felon company, found guilty of false advertisement, and pushing dangerous products on the public, in one of the biggest cases like it, in American history?

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History-
Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing:

And, it wasn’t even their first time!

Huge Penalty in Drug Fraud / Pfizer Settles Felony Case in Neurontin Off-Label Promotion:

Megan D.: Rayn, so to you— you can be anti-mask, anti-vacc, call it a scamdemic. But your concern is that drug companies will profit from saving billions of lives. Please stop, it’s abhorrently clear which side your on, and it’s not of that supporting human life. Tell me how you can be pro-life, but be so completely hypocritical about people actually doing things to save lives and care for other humans. Your arguments are invalid. Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Rayn: I never mentioned anything about “anti-mask,” nor “scamdemic,” nor did I “spread conspiracy theories,” Meghan. Please stay on topic, and avoid using your imagination to add fallacious strawmen into this discussion. It’s completely unreasonable for you to create my position for me. And, it’s distracting that I’m forced to correct your erroneous logic, with time that I’d prefer to spent sharing information, rather than dispelling a load of myths you’ve created surrounding my position. Pay attention to the *actual* words I’ve posted, here, and place your biases, digressions, and emotion, aside. If you manage to get there, you’ll soon discover that my high-level concerns about a rushed, experimental vaccine product, with no long-term studies, beta-tested on the public, at large, and created by a career convicted corporate felon company that has been preemptively granted legal immunity by the governments of the world from any damages that their product might cause, are absolutely warranted, 100%. The history of Pfizer doesn’t at all support your delusions about this career convicted corporate felon pharmaceutical company “doing things to save lives and care for other humans.” Your unquestioning dedication to government and corporation based “science” exposes your complete and total historical illiteracy.

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