When COVID Cultists Attack: Muzzle Edition

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…


“Americans should pause and reflect on the lies they are being sold. Masks are just a form of psychological manipulation. Many reputable physicians and scientists have said they are worthless and potentially harmful. A nation of people who just do what they are told by the ‘experts’ without question is a nation ripe for a descent into total tyranny.” – [Dr.] Ron Paul

Glen P.: I believe Ron, over Trump, Fauci & whomever else the system conjure up to push their agendas

Glen P.: Thanks & Im a thief at I least I thanked you lol

Kevin B.: There seems to be no lie you won’t spread on this topic Rayn. Everyone’s suffering is your invitation.

Rayn: Kevin, Dr. Ron Paul is a doctor, who practiced medicine for decades. I shared his informed opinion, on a public matter that effects us all. Who are you, to claim I’m not suffering, too, you arrogant, ignorant troll? Fuck off! Go sell your mindless, soulless, pro-war-criminal-supporting, pro-crimes-against-humanity-supporting, pro-drug-war, supporting, pro-economic-terrorism-supporting, pro-1%-supporting, pro-Establishment-supporting, pro-duopoly, pro-oligarchy fetishism, on your own wall, voting lemming. You’ve got no buyers for your hypocritical fraudulence, here! 😸

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