Clowns to the Left of Me…

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall…


“Viruses are [de facto] exosomes, which are excretions of toxic cells. Exosomes are not transportable. People are looking at exosomes and calling them [by mistake] viruses. The word “virus” comes from the ancient Latin, which means noxious substance or poison. Exosomes are a response to illness, not the cause of illness. Exosomes facilitate healing by devouring toxic matter.”

Kevin B.: Just yesterday you titled your post “plandemic.” So which bs is it, fake virus or Democrat systemic murder?

Rayn: Neither, clown! Plandemic is the agenda of governments around the world to exploit the COVID outbreak that their military weapons experiments likely created, accidentally or otherwise, in order to usher in a digital surveillance control grid over the entire planet. You see, I’m not a two-party, war-criminal-supporting hypocrite, like yourself, who votes for the lowest scum on this planet to “rule” over us, while bombing and imperializing peaceful, innocent civilians in multiple third world countries, who then pretends to hold human life sacred, when it’s convenient, and politically expedient, Kevin. My principles, as a Voluntaryist, keep me from the ridiculously pathetic position you’re in, of being an apologist for war lords in suits, drone bombing the world, while imagining yourself superior to me, in any possible way, whether intellectually, or morally. You are a joke! 😹

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