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The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook…

Rayn: 😹

Om R.: Mindless Propaganda Alert. The Communists don’t have 800+ military bases worldwide, and move into countries to do business, not like the US did in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now trying to rape Venezuela. Capitalism is now a late-stage terminal cancer on the face of the Earth, and you’re posting anti- communism memes like its the 1960s. Nigga PLEASE

Rayn: If you want an example of “mindless,” look no further than your own response, as you reflexive shift away from the topic of communism, to attack corporate capitalism, as though one form of corruption justifies another. Yet, not one bit of your unsolicited rant even remotely addresses the fact that communism has the highest body count of ALL forms of government!

Being Voluntaryist, I reject false dichotomies, and don’t feel compelled to “choose” between the presently-existing forms of financial terrorism, because I find them all to be undesirable. Yet, this doesn’t change the fact that communism still represents the most deadly variation of Statism, hands down. It has been the most fatal form of the nightmare called “government.”

Tribute to Communism:

Rayn: Tell these victims that this meme is just “mindless propaganda”…

China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant, Tribunal Finds:

Rayn: Then, tell these victims that this meme is just “mindless propaganda”…

China Moves Uyghur Muslims Into ‘Forced Labor’ Factories:

Rayn: Don’t forget this four-decade long campaign of terrorism against the entire Chinese population, including forced abortions, and gynocidally- motivated infanticide, leading to an absurd overabundance of male, versus female – a pure and unadulterated crime against humanity, which only ended in 2015:

China Announces End of its Controversial One-Child Policy:

How China’s One-Child Policy Led To Forced Abortions, 30 Million Bachelors:

Rayn: Humanity will never forget Khmer Rouge, and Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, Cambodia

Rayn: Humanity will never forgive the savagery that took place in Khmer Rouge, and at the Killing Fields…

Rayn: Khmer Rouge is communism, laid bare…

Om R.: All enabled as a result of America’s Empire obsession through unilateral military intervention

Rayn: It was the Communist regime of Cambodia that directly ordered this “legal” murderous rampage against their “own” population, exterminating millions of innocent lives in the name of achieving “radical revolution” and “progress.” Your doublethink mentality, and attempt to blame-shift this genocidal savagery away from the actual perpetrators, are useless with me, “comrade,” because I’m well-versed in all major forms of State corruption, and reject EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. I don’t make excuses for mass-murderers, nor their cultish, collectivist ideologies, whether the imperialistic regime is American, British, Chinese, Russian, Roman, Ottoman, or otherwise. I’m Individually Sovereign, and a Child of the Everlasting. Fuck every single iteration of Babylon that has appeared on this timeline, along with all of her whoring, adulterous, corrupt and diseased ways. 😸 “Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance.”

Rayn: Never Forget Pot Pol’s Communist-Fueled Khmer Rouge Genocide in Cambodia:

Om R.: You”re what we call an armchair quarterback.The Chinese solved a problem that could’ve led to their virtual extinction, in the only way possible. Meanwhile, China has lifted over 800 million people from stark poverty, an accomplishment unprecedented by any western nation…but your stupid agenda doesn’t like to shed light in the positive accomplishments of China. Thats why you’re not in charge of important decisions.

Rayn: You’re what we call an automaton. You mindlessly regurgitate justifications and excuses for State-sponsored mass-murder, genocide, and eugenics, just like a good little NPC. 😸

Wendy P.: I saw a short clip where Ronald Reagan said he identified as Libertarian! I don’t know where I saw that, it was on one of the pro-Trump news outlets.

Om, the link below is very informative. The lady, Carol Swain, has a Ph.D in political science and knows types of governments. Check her out. She has a video where she says that Communists did in fact, seep into American colleges. Communists believed and still believe that communism/socialism can be tweaked for better results. So they are still experimenting with it.

However, many people in Communist countries are scared and rightfully so.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party:

Om R.: Wendy,  I lived and taught in China. I was loaded up with the same public school propaganda as all the rest: the commies are evil, they want to take over & control everything & everybody. HATE THEM. They must be killed. Flash forward 50 years: rampant Ayn Rand capitalism is shutting down the earths capacity to sustain life while savaging any resources that can be profitized. Fuck the textbook diatribes, written & disseminated by mind controlling capitalists, for pure indoctrination. Listen: China is the safest place I ever lived, and I was never so prosperous as when I dwelled there. Look at what pretend elections do to your fabled Democracy every few years. Look who controls your budget. Most Chinese are not in the CCP: you have to earn the right to join, through selfless service. And the American equivalent of that? CRICKETS. Communism sprang up for a damn good reason. It was in anseer tobthe brutal juggernaut of capitalism-induced poverty on a global scale.Try delving into the awful exploitation atrocities of “management” not that long ago. The incomprehensible evil of slavery itself is capitalist in nature: run and managed by corporate demons. Don’t get me started.

Wendy P.: Is that what the communists tild you back in China? So go back to China.

Wendy P.: I am sure they didn’t harm you be ause you taught them, what Wnglish? You were just a pawn.

Wendy P.: If you back now, I think they may not treat you the same.

Om R.: Wendy, dead wrong on all counts. Plus your spelling is awful. You should really edit your comments, you might appear more intelligent

Om R.: And I will be HAPPY to be back in China while America is falling apart like the junk-bucket it is.

Om R.: You’ve likely never met a communist, ventured out of your tiny life-bubble, or had an original thought in your life. Poor thing.

Wendy P.: You don’t have to feel sorry for me. I am not a victim. Do you think I am Om Randje? But if you want to, you can have the last word…go ahead.

Charles B.: Regardless of what your uncouth ignorant ass says the South stood for civility good manners and honor. Unlike the ignorant I’ll mannered Yankee that didn’t know the meaning of honor

Wendy P.: Very civil, good mannered and honorable way of talking sir The South.

Rayn: All Statism Is Slavery.







Darby C.: Rebel flag. Game set matched their asses

Lawrence P.: It is not the political philosophy that causes these genocides, but it is the people that gain power, using them as the way to dupe people desiring change from oppressive governments. The problems occurred in multiple political philosophies because they are mere the smokescreen for authoritarians to seize power. Nazism and communism are supposed enemies, yet same results. Trying to use the evils caused by power hungry people to protect the rich from the need to make things more fair and just is truly misguided.

Rayn: Indeed, it goes beyond political philosophy, Lawrence.



Lawrence P.: And then there is what the USA has done in Iraq and elsewhere directly and through proxies. The desire for empire, which is greed on steroids, is the root. Allowing people to empire build always leads to evil.


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