‘Sustainable Development’ is NewSpeak for ‘Population Control’

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following photo being shared by an acquaintance, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Agenda 2030: The Plan for Total dmDomination of every Man, Woman and Child on Earth. Agenda 2030 is Heading Right At You”

My Commentary: “Sustainable development” is NewSpeak for “population control.” Are you ready for a hostile corporate monopolistic takeover of all energy production, so that the 1% parasite-class can decide when to trickle-down carbon credits to the lowly peasants, in order to maintain their perverse, diseased and deadly version of “sustainability”? Why would any rational human being place their natural-borne right to live under the control of the very worst, most sociopathic, most criminal elements that humanity has ever endured?

Reject the trappings of terminal self-loathing and hatred of humanity. It’s a pre-packaged, enemy-created program that we are being subliminally bombarded to accept as an easy “psychological solution” for the cognitive dissonance we experience, as we attempt to live, peacefully, inside an accusatory, coercive, and punitive nightmare “system” of injustice, crafted exclusively by the 1%. The devaluation underlying these covert messages signifies one of the main tactics employed by abusers. Gaslighting of this type is designed to break the will of a target, and create more dependency upon the abuser. Take a look at today’s standards of “education,” and “entertainment” for many examples of this hidden agenda, then understand that both of these are controlled by the 1%, no matter how much vote-begging the poors engage in, hoping to be represented by the criminal cartel known as “government.”

Discern your real adversary, and stop shifting blame away from the LAWLESSNESS and UNSUSTAINABILITY of the 1% parasite-class. Instead of loading yourself and your neighbors into the virtual cattle cars of the latest glitzy pyramid scheme, hopelessly glamored by the lofty claims and ill-begotten gains of the 1%, direct your hatred towards your own morbid obedience, and exterminate your need to submit to “the traditions of men,” and all man-made authority not in alignment with the Universal Truths of SELF-OWNERSHIP, PRESUMED INNOCENCE (good will), and CONSENT as the ONLY LAWFUL AND JUST MEANS OF ENTERING INTO ANY CONTRACT. When you finally purge the colonizing concept of an “elect” class from your headspace and your heart, you will finally begin to understand the intrinsic and equal value of all human life, and the justice and peace inherent to universal human rights. The spell of Statism, with all of its deceptive, accusatory, arrogant, coercive and violent iterations, will finally break it’s death-grip on the throat of humanity.

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