State Continues to Profit by Criminalizing Homelessness

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Homeless Enforcement Costs SDPD $800K in Overtime Pay Over 5 Months:

Efforts to control San Diego’s homeless problem carries a significant and growing cost for the city’s taxpayers.

Financial data released by the Police Department in response to a public records act request reveals the department paid $848,362 in overtime wages for “homeless related activities” from October, 2017 to October, 2018.

Overtime costs for police have increased dramatically since the opening

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My Commentary: Easy money for agents of the State.

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One Response to State Continues to Profit by Criminalizing Homelessness

  1. Morgan says:

    some towns , counties, even have and enforce laws such as vagrancy meaning if you have no home and are living sleeping, standing, sitting in any place you do not pay for you can be charged money you might not even have.. people like myself are on the Waiting list to get housing but there are so many on the waiting list that they cannot possibly house everyone. it is a waiting game that can last any where form 6 months to 12 years, if you’re lucky.

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