Debating Why “Jane Doe” Dropped Her Civil Rape Suit Against Trump

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “‘Jane Doe’ Suddenly Drops Civil Rape Suit Against Donald Trump“…

2016 Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

2016 Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

Rayn: Extortion bluff called? Generous out of court settlement? Hmmm…
Who can say, in these strange times? The world can only guess!

Woman Who Accused Donald Trump of Raping Her at 13 Drops Lawsuit:

Sam B.: She was receiving death threats.

Rayn: Strange… The article states only that “Jane Doe” cancelled her planned media event to go public due to “threats” of some kind – without any mention of them specifically being of the “death” variety, and, therefore, vastly opening the range of meanings that can be inferred from the word. Since she responded to this by withholding her identity, it is highly unlikely that those making “threats” against her were actually aware of her identity, in the first place. Hence, those making “threats” were probably completely unaffiliated individuals, with no real stake in the lawsuit, unknown to all three parties in the case (Epstein, Trump, Doe), and likely making “threats” indirectly towards her, online.

Trump Accuser Cancels Public Event:

Meanwhile, “Jane Doe” filed a one-page “voluntary dismissal” to end the lawsuit:

So, if “Jane Doe” was receiving *death* threats online, or more especially, directly at her home, though her phone, or her email, etc. before even revealing her identity, both would be a very serious matter, and would enter the jurisdiction of the FBI, whether the case is criminal, or even civil. And, if “Jane Doe” dropped her case, specifically due to the receipt of direct death threats, then she made a very legally-unwise decision to drop the case, let alone to omit this reason in her dismissal. For one, she technically filed a false report with the court. And more importantly, in filing a falsely-motivated dismissal with the court, she has compromised her ability to enter into any form of witness-victim protection program, if available, and to pursue criminal charges against those threatening her. Last, but, not least, she would be negotiating with criminals, who generally represent a dangerous and untrustworthy group, and could still easily follow through on their threats against her, regardless of her attempts to placate them.

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