Project Veritas Exposes Clinton and DNC Corruption

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Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies:

Exclusive Project Veritas Doc. Blockbuster About Clinton Corruption:

Scott Foval, National Field Director, Americans United for Change contracts “directly with the DNC and the [Clinton] campaign both”.

Foval answers directly “to the head of Special Events for the DNC and the head of special events and political for the campaign”.

Foval: “The [Clinton] campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes the shit… …Democracy Partners is the tip of the spear on that stuff.”

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: Gee… why aren’t Killary’s supporters addressing this rampant level of corruption? No Russians or “hackers” to blame?

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