Supporting the Troops, Government Style!

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Rollins Edwards, a WWII veteran, was a test subject of the government

Rollins Edwards, a WWII veteran, was a test subject of the governmen

Pentagon Finally Admits It Used Black Soldiers As Guinea Pigs:

(Jaimes Campbell) 60,000 soldiers of color, mainly black, were used in experiments during WWII. No, this wasn’t Nazi Germany locking people of color in gas chambers, this was done by the US Government.

According to NPR, 60,000 American soldiers of color were enrolled in a secret chemical weapons testing program. These soldiers were exposed to Lewisite and Mustard gas. Exposure to these chemical agents causes lung irritation and blisters. These soldiers of color were locked into gas chambers and exposed to the agents. The government used white soldiers as the control group.

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My Commentary: Supporting the troops, government style!

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