Being Armed, Peaceful, and Yet, Ready to Defend Against an Encroaching Police State, Appears to be the Safest Form of Protest

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “People’s Uprising“…

People’s Uprising:

"Why was she arrested But, they weren't?"

“Why was she arrested
But, they weren’t?”

Rayn: Because they were armed, and ready to defend themselves against an encroaching police state.

Adam G.: Because despite what liberals say, in police state America only guns get authoritative attention. You can’t dispute with local soldiers “just doing their job.”

Derrick H.: How do we even know these pictures are from the same place? Feels like someone is trying to divide or something

Stephen D.: Bc they stood more of a chance of surviving if they fought back. She didn’t.

John Y.: They don’t want a fight they want to bully. Now we need more of this. Wake up america

Jeremiah H.: Because they are trained and armed

Mike W.: Trained? But not to bring supplies with apparently ?

Jeremiah H.: On sight procurement.

David Y.: Or French vanilla coffee creamer… everyone knows that revolutions don’t start without the creamer

Mike W.: By the same gubmint (usps) they hate? And then they got an overabundance of dildos and lube??

Jeremiah H.: If you’re referring to the Oregon standoff, the FBI didn’t arrest Lavoy, they ambushed and murdered him and attempted to murder another man and two women in the truck.

Jeremiah H.: The people in this meme aren’t the Oregon standoff people, but the oathkeepers in Ferguson, Dallas, Baltimore, StLouis, and countless other hotbeds of unrest, they were not arrested because they are armed, trained, and have the support of the people. Do a little research.

Lance S.: Where were you when Ferguson burned? I was on over watch protecting stores from being burned. With my medical bag and Kansas nursing licensed skills ready

Victor F.#profitmotive

Musafa U.: privelege

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