Agents of the State, and Their Pals, Enjoy Legal Immunity from Their Tyrannical Laws

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Malia Obama smokes what appears to be a cannabis joint while at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama smokes what appears to be a cannabis joint while at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama Caught Smoking Cannabis On Camera:

() A video has surfaced of what appears to be President Obama’s daughter Malia smoking a joint at Lollapalooza.

Eyewitness Jerrdin Selwyn, 18, told Radar she saw the first daughter toking it up during aBryson Tiller set on July 31.

The video is almost certainly of Malia, but whether or not she is smoking a marijuana joint cannot be confirmed. It could be some of that St. John’s Wort or Horny Goat Weed all the kids are smoking at festivals this year.

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My Commentary: A perfect follow-up to my last shared article about the DEA refusing to rescheduling cannabis out of the “dangerous” schedule 1 category… because “science”… LOL!

Nope. Nothing wrong with any of this: not the part about control-freaks “regulating” the peaceful right into prison, nor the part about “science” being whatever political parasites say and pay for it to be, nor the part where the higher agents of the State, and their pals, enjoy legal immunity from the tyranny they help create…

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