A Second Discussion On My Recreation of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s Cira-1759 “Roofs and Chimneys of Country Houses”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my artwork, “Recreating Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s Circa-1759 ‘Roofs and Chimneys of Country Houses’,” after I shared it using the memories feature…

(this is a continuation of a first discussion, which took place here)

Rayn: Created in Spring 2000 for art class at Stony Brook University.

The assignment was to recreate an illustration of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo‘s circa-1759 “Roofs and Chimneys of Country Houses” using black ink, a dip pen, water and a paint brush on white 8×10 paper.

(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)

Sara: Amazing! I wish I had gotten a chance to work with a dip pen, it looks like a more effective way to work with shading then destroying your hands with colored pencils lol

Rayn: Thanks for the compliment! Dip pens are definitely fun! Well, so long as you’re willing to give up color to work in black and white, that is!

Sara: You should get back into the black and grey inkworks. You are so good at it!

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