Lyrics to KRS-One’s Brand New Track, “Drugs Won”

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

New track from KRS-One! I would have shared this sooner, but I wanted to transcribe the lyrics, first! Enjoy, Hip-Hoppers! 🙂

We are not the dumb ones
We see how the drugs run
We see where they come from
Governments are selling it
Every day, one ton
They declared a war on drugs
But, drugs won!

[Verse 1]
Flashlights, canine dogs and crooked coppers
Automatics, tear gas, rams and helicopters
Off of marijuana, on the east coast every year
While California selling that high grade everywhere
It’s crazy how the east coast considers herb the enemy
While on every corner in LA is a dispensary
The country’s been split on this issue, now, for a century
Why would a harmless natural herb lead to a felony?
New York needs to catch up
The pace need to pick it up
You know them prosecutors got big spliffs litted up
Switch the philosophy, think of the economy
Plants, herbs and roots are nature’s technology

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 2]
People taking risks, ‘cuz they know that money gon’ come
The drug game is global, paying off twenty to one
Who you telling?
You don’t think these politicians ain’t selling?
Doctors ain’t selling, cops ain’t selling, while rocking your melon?
Cop cars smelling like Cali blue dream
In New York brothers like, “what do you mean?”
I mean: switch the velocity, think of the economy
Plants, herbs and roots are nature’s technology


[Verse 3]
Brothers on that lock down
Sisters in that lock up
Things were good in the hood ’til them D’s popped up
Brothers getting shot up, ‘cuz the systems unjust
Segregated justice: it’s just them and just us
Cops roam around like a gang try’na jump us
Into the plantation prisons, they wanna dump us
Cause they’re really prisons for the poor
It’s about the money, not the drugs:
That’s what I’m getting handcuffed for!
It ain’t about the law, it ain’t about the crime
‘Cuz banks are paying fines for they crimes all the time
Huh, it’s a setup, switch the philosophy
Plants, herbs, roots are nature’s technology

[Chorus] x2

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