Bruce Jenner Awarded “Woman of the Year”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Bruce Jenner awarded "Woman of the Year"

Bruce Jenner awarded “Woman of the Year”

GenaireThey Named Bruce Jenner “Woman of The Year”, This Marine’s Response? LEGENDARY:

Rayn: To the author of the article, I’d say, “you make a good point, but foreign occupiers don’t deserve awards any more than war criminals deserve Nobel Peace prizes!”

Jenner, of course, doesn’t deserve the Woman of the Year Award, by any measure, as his only accomplishment, thus far, is having a penis! He hasn’t even “identified” himself as a woman for a solid year, yet, for crying out loud!

Damion S.: Rayn, your insights are priceless! And your pronouns are to die for!

Rayn: Thanks, Damion! 🙂

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