With No Surprise, Israel’s PM Netanyahu Asks US Lawmakers for Help in Avoiding War-Crime Charges

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asks for US legal assistance in order to avoid war-crime charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asks for US legal assistance in order to avoid war-crime charges

Report: Netanyahu Asks US Lawmakers to Help Israel Avoid War-Crimes Charges:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly urging U.S. lawmakers to protect his country from Palestinian claims that Israel engaged in “war crimes” during recent Gaza fighting that left nearly 1,900 Palestinians dead.

A top Israeli lawmaker told The New York Post that Netanyahu is urging U.S. lawmakers to “help Israel avoid war crimes charges.” The Israeli leader is reportedly appealing to American legislators to resist a seemingly global backlash against the Gaza fighting, saying that Israel took “extraordinary measures” to avoid civilian deaths in the recent month-long conflict.

According to Gaza officials, three-quarters of the 1,900 Palestinians killed in the fighting were civilians, although Israeli Defense Forces have stressed that Hamas has intentionally used civilians as human shields. Three Israeli civilians and 64 Israeli soldiers have also been killed in the Gaza conflict.

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My Commentary: Well, considering the fact that the US government received assistance from the Israeli government when it was seeking out “legal justification” for US military drone-bombings of American citizens, this doesn’t surprise me, whatsoever!

US Cites Israeli Law to Justify Extrajudicial Execution of American Citizens Named on Secret “Kill List”:

Washington’s Blog does a great job explaining this…

U.S. Relies On Law from Israeli & British Governments to Justify Assassination of U.S. Citizens By Drone:

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