Completely Missing the Point Behind the World’s Easiest Economics Quiz

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “The World’s Easiest Economics Quiz”…

Rayn: Do you even critically think, bro? 😉

“The World’s Easiest Economics Quiz:
The government _____________ corporations.
a. charters
b. grants personhood to
c. mandates sales for
d. creates price floors for
e. regulates industries to eliminate competition for
f. allows former employees to regulate their own
g. responds to lobbying by
h. bails out
i. subsidizes
j. is comprised of politicians whose campaigns are financed by
k. all of the above
2. Therefore, corporations are best policed by _____________.
a. the government
b. none of the above”

Daniel F.: If anything it’s gotten to the point where it’s the corporations policing the government.

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