Two Rotten Attendees Fail to Spoil Fiona Apple’s Oregon Concert

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Fiona Apple performs her music for an audience in Portland, Oregon

Fiona Apple performs her music for an audience in Portland, Oregon

Rebekah P.: Did u hear about another jerkwad hecklin our girl? She should keep a bag of apples on stage 4 these fools!

Sara: when was this?

Rayn: Fiona Apple Boots Heckler from Show:

Sara: Damn! And those are her fans? “What a pair of assholes! They deserve each other!”

Rayn: A real fan wouldn’t selfishly, disrespectfully interrupt Fiona Apple in the middle of her performance in order to self-importantly pepper her with irrelevant, overly presumptuous personal attacks.

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