Flying Cars Invented? But… But… What About MUH ROADS!?

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Flying car

Flying car

Emily T.: Video: The First Flying Car is Finally Here, Goes on Sale in 2015:

Flying Cars for the Masses Set to Take Off:

Bill B.: im gonna need a snopes check on this

Emily T.: Is This (Finally) Our Flying Car?

Sam B.: Flying cars, for the record, would suck.

Trystyn D.: I agree with Sam. People are already inept enough drivers without adding the vertical element.

Sam B.: If your flying car runs out of gas, it crashes to the ground.

Stan P.: This is a design on a computer screen, coupled with some highly speculative conclusions from the promoters. They have apparently built an actual airplane with folding wings and 4-wheel landing gear, but that doesn’t include key features described for the computer design, I also wonder what the cruise speed of the computer design would be, because one would expect a wing of that size to require speeds in excess of 300 kts to sustain flight.

Gavin B.: I’m holding out for a delorian with folding wheels.

Rayn: But… but… MUH Roadssss. 😥

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