Discussing US Government “Shutdown” As Just Same Ol’ Theater, Repeated Anew

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “US Government ‘Shutdown’ is Just Same Ol’ Theater, Repeated Anew“…

“Sorry we’re closed”

Rayn: Speaking of the recent “shutdown,” it isn’t the first time America has dealt with this variety of government-manufactured crisis. It’s really all just theater, executed in criminal syndicate fashion, in order to extort the sheeple into believing in the “need” for the authority of the State, and to get them clamoring for more government control over their lives:

Jonas A.: Yeah…agreed!

Brooke N.: They do this kind of crap, scare people into thinking ooooooHHHHH!!!!! Awful, awful end of the world. Then they stop and give you a face full of “just terrible” and people are grateful. Like somebody saying, I’m gonna break your neck. Then they relent and just fracture your skull and you feel so grateful…and they’ve done it too many times for people to believe them anymore.

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