“Pro” and “Anti” Extremists Dominate Almost All Debates About the Use of Vaccinations

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after a mutual acquaintance inexplicably posted an article that I was in the very process of debating on the wall of an ex-acquaintance, in what seemed like a concerted effort to distract me from continuing to reply, there…

Stephen K.: Thanks, Brian!

The Anti-Vaccine Movement: A Terrible Track Record

Brian K.: I posted this on my own feed a few days ago and we’ve been having an interesting “debate”

(provides link to debate taking place on his wall)

(update: debate is now concluded, and a copy is located at: http://acidrayn.com/2013/05/11/force-frame-vaccination-discussion-into-false-dichotomy-of-pro-versus-anti-or-present-unique-third-option/)

Rayn: And, due to that same “debate,” I am beginning to believe that so much of the “controversy” regarding vaccines really comes from “gut-reaction” responses to the subject, along with the push to frame all debates on the topic into the false paradigm of “pro-vaccination” versus “anti-vaccination” – an activity that has taken CENTER STAGE, over the facts! Strangely, there appears to be no room in the minds of these two extremist groups for individuals to be somewhat pro-vaccination, while also somewhat anti-vaccination, and, they are FAR from interested in understanding the reasons behind viewpoints that don’t correspond 100% with their own. It’s ALL OR NOTHING in their minds. Both of these “sides” could use a lesson in respect, as well as THE RULES OF LOGICAL DEBATE!

Alison K.: I seem to picking up on the tail end of this. But to address Rayn – I am one of the people you speak of, who is both ‘pro’ and ‘anti’. My son is up to date on all vaccines except two – I am against them for different reasons and it has nothing to do with the autism/allergy debate. For certain things I feel it should be the parent’s choice. And if it means my son cannot attend traditional public school – then so be it. I’ve remained unimpressed with traditional schooling for a long time anyway.



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