Feedback on My Facebook Wall Share of My Live Recording of My Song, “Prison Planet”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my video, “Sharing My Live Recording of My Song, ‘Prison Planet,’ to My Facebook Wall“…

Rayn: Prison Planet Live:

No frills, just skillz! Watch me get transcendental on my instrumental! And, if you haven’t done so already, “like” my music page, here: Rayn!

Habib A.: Dope!!!!

Genaire: Good work!

Melissa O.: Can’t wait to hear the whole song! This live recording’s got me motivated too!

Sara: Great message and AMAZING delivery! I can’t wait to here the completed work! Love you, sis!

Rayn: Thank you all for the positive feedback! When others attempt to stifle my voice, it often inspires me to SPIT!

And, that’s awesome, Melissa! Conscious Hip-Hop Lyricism, for the WIN!

I love you, too, Sara! 

Genaire: I love you sexy lady

Rayn: I love you, dearly, Genaire! ❤

Greg C.: smoke em like butts Rayn, crush em like wine; and like Gannicus sez, fuck the gods – give me coin and purpose…”

Rayn: Thanks, Greg.

Kala Z.: Awesome! Always enjoy your rhymes. You have such a deep message. Good job Rayn 🙂

Rayn: Much appreciated, Kala! 🙂

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