Discussing American War-Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Under Obama, the American Government’s Crimes Against Humanity Continue“…

Rayn: PLACE HEAD IN SAND, AND REPEAT AFTER ME: Those who don’t agree with Obama’s policies are OBVIOUSLY just racist.

“Yes we kill. Yes we torture in Guantanamo. Yes we massacre in Pakistan. Yes we bomb in Afghanistan.”

“Yes we kill. Yes we torture in Guantanamo. Yes we massacre in Pakistan. Yes we bomb in Afghanistan.”

Jason R.: What about Mitt Romney?

Charles C.: but how come the “terrorist” get better lawyers then regular amaricans

Rayn: I won’t hesitate to verbally tar and feather that Death-Worshiping mummy, either, Jason, if he becomes a serious enough threat. He’s just ANOTHER War Pig, foaming at the mouth for murder. He and O-bomb-a are guilty, and the blood of the innocent is on their hands, along with any who support them. I will not be led by the Cains of this world – nor the Barabbas’, nor the Shauls. Let THEIR sons follow after them, and let the dead bury the dead.

I’m not sure that I would classify their legal representation as “better,”Charles… Many of America’s “terrorist” suspects have been treated in ways that are technically considered WAR-CRIMES by the standards of Human Rights – and EVEN, as defined by the Geneva Convention! And, this has happened under both Bush and O-bomb-a’s administrations.

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