Discussing Funniest Line in the Film, “Monster Squad”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Funniest Line in the Film, ‘Monster Squad’“…


Best Line in “Monster Squad”*:

(*update: original link, which was located here, no longer works, and has been replaced)

Earlier today, I had a hearty laugh after I randomly remembered a funny line from that stupid movie, “Monster Squad.” And, I haven’t even seen it in over 22 years! Ah! Some humor is just timeless. To add to my amusement, I decided to look for a video of the scene on YouTube just now, and found it – under the title “Best Line in Monster Squad”! Looks like I’m not alone on this one! 🙂

Johnny B.: I own the special edition

Rayn: Ha ha! Nice!

James J.: i just seen tht movie yesterday

Alison K.: wow – I forgot all about that movie – gotta try to find it now 🙂

Sara: LMAO! I never thought there would be a clip of this on YouTube! Nice!

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