“God” Is Really Just Another Name for Satan!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Claudia C…

Claudia C.: This is how women were treated by catholic church as recent as 1996…. there is no rest for us, women, we need to keep fighting for equal rights!

Sex in a Cold Climate (Full Length):

Claudia C.: “they were very vicious, some of the nuns, very vicious” – like the God and the church they are serving…

Robert C.: This is rough. So pointlessly brutal.

Claudia C.:  it was painful to watch. It hurt to see how traumatized those women were, after all this time… Those wounds won’t heal.

Rayn: When will humanity wake up? “God” is really just another name for Satan*… The lizards in control of the cult of Catholicism serve their master, “the Great Dragon, that old Serpent, called the Devil.”** From the very top of the ancient hive-minded hierarchy that they have re-created and openly worship, these parasites continue to trickle down their toxic sewage onto the masses, not at all worried about the consequences, as they KNOW they will not be truly held accountable! They have already gotten away with SO MUCH for SO VERY LONG, so why would they ever stop, when left to their own devices, unchecked? They are the profane – the corrupted!!

*יהוה [HE IS] Shall Not Be Called “G-d” or “Lord”
**Revelation 12:9

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