Celebrate Charles Ponzi Day By Acknowledging Unsustainable Goverment Pyramid Scheme

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"U.S. Food Stamp Participation"

“U.S. Food Stamp Participation”

On Charles Ponzi Day We Celebrate Another All Time Record In Food Stamp Usage:

(Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge) Bernanke’s plan to recreate Libya in our own back yard is continuing to work magnificently. It is no surprise that on Charles Ponzi day, the update to food stamp usage indicates that in December those receiving an average of $134 per month has just hit 44.1 million people.

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My Commentary: Celebrate Ponzi Day by arming yourself with information about the biggest Ponzi Scheme of all: fractional reserve banking, together with fiat debt notes!

International Bankster Cartel Uses Fractional Reserve Pyramid Scheme to Control All of America’s Economy By Stealth:

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