Exposing the Global Warming Snow-Job

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall

"Stop the lies. Man-made global warming is a fraud."

“Stop the lies. Man-made global warming is a fraud.”

Tone Liv: Rayn make the snow go away..

Rayn: Ha! It’s necessary, though, because it keeps all of these “global warming” trolls in their respective caves for the entire winter season! They have been raving and foaming at the mouth for FAR TOO LONG! And, they have even recently been CAUGHT “cooking the books,” but this has only slowed their progress! The mere thought of legally controlling our every move is like a drug to the COWARDS-THAT-BE! Let NATURE itself expose these CONTROL FREAKS and their PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC “CARBON CREDIT” SYSTEM OF BONDAGE!!!

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