Discussing the Injustice of Man’s Laws

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Police Serve the State, Not the Tax-Payers“…

Peace Officer Versus Police Officer

Peace Officer Versus Police Officer

Rayn: Why Fearing the Police Is Not Irrational:

It is the job of cops to intimidate you into incriminating yourself. So long as they can pretend a crime was committed, they are ensuring their own future job security. It is a glaring conflict of interest! And, they love to nab people for victim-free “offenses.” This type of busy-work keeps them from having to deal with real criminals, and situations that could potentially put their lives in real danger. Remember, the Prison Industrial Complex is mostly privatized now. Convicts in private prisons can be put to work for 25 cents an hour or less. So, it makes sense to fill jails with productive, functional citizens, rather than dysfunctional, violent offenders. They make much better SLAVE LABORERS! Research it! The same companies who own prisons lobbied for (and won) mandatory drug sentencing, and the “three-strikes” rule. No one should be accountable for failing to follow man-made laws! They are so unfair that they aren’t even clearly posted, and require no victim in order to be broken! The whole thing is a RACKET!

Rayn: The Creator, our Father, doesn’t hold us to such impossible, unreasonable standards. Let the 10+2 Commandments guide you. Take them into your heart! Become wise, understanding and knowledgeable in them! They are just, fair and perfect – like HIM! Reject the false, flawed laws of man!

Keith M.: And The Father Never Told Us What to Do even if one of the 10 was broken

Rayn: He told us to GENUINELY REPENT, truly TURN AWAY from SIN, HUMBLY ASK FOR FORGIVENESS (not just from Him, but also our victim), and WHOLEHEARTEDLY COMMIT TO THE LABOR OF LOVE in order to give back what was taken when we acted wrongly.

The 10+2 Commandments teaches us through example that the only way to build solid, loving, lasting relationships with ourselves, each other, our Earth and our Creator, is through RESPECT, COMMUNICATION and TRUST. All else is destruction, slavery and death! And, as these three pillars are depend on each other to function, if even one is broken, the others will inevitably collapse. Without respect, there is no trust or communication. Without trust, there is no communication or respect. Without communication, there is no trust and no respect. Until we discover how to properly uphold and balance these supporting structures of life, humanity will continue to be plagued by the misery of lies, corruption, pollution, waste, theft, murder, terrorism, corporatism, extinction, WMDs, war, and genocide!

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