Discussing Artificial Sweeteners

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jessica O…


Jessica O.: I’m eating a sugar-free klondike bar.

Brian H.: I love those! lol

Sindhu M.: how is it?

Jen C.: do you do half as much for something like that? LIke, tell someone “bless you” when they sneeze?

Ellen L.: What did you have to do for it?

Rayn: I just hope it doesn’t contain aspartame, saccharin or sucralose, as they are all toxins!

Read the following articles to understand what I mean:

The worst culprit is aspartame, which breaks down into FORMALDEHYDE (AKA embalming fluid) in the body! This poison was created by the evil corporation, Monsanto – also responsible for many other crimes against nature, such as the bovine growth hormone, terminator seeds & most GMOs!


If you are truly interested, I can send you much more literature on these topics, but I recommend that you also do your own research, as it will verify what I have shown you!

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