Use WISDOM to Repel Psy-Ops Aimed at Weakening Our Spirit of Resistance!

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2009-07-31 - Use WISDOM to Repel Psy-Ops Aimed at Weakening Our Spirit of Resistance!

To everyone who has been awakened by truth – never stop fighting the good fight! Those who control the show would love for us to believe that we are helpless as individuals, and that knowledge has no power… However, wisdom would dictate otherwise! You need only open your eyes, and you will easily see it!

If we are helpless as individuals, then why do the super-rich “elites,” who hold all the money & freedom in the world, want nothing more than to steal our individuality from us, so that it is working solely for them? As a matter of fact, are they not just individuals themselves? Yet, with their individuality, they have accomplished so much! They know the power of the individual! They don’t deny it! They seek to harness it for themselves.

If knowledge has no power, then why do those who control the show do everything they can to keep us ignorant and feed us lies? Look how much thes “elites” have accomplished with their knowledge! They currently rule the world!

So, don’t ever give up, or feel hopeless. You have already jumped the first hurdle by refusing to becoming complacent & comfortable with the wicked ways of the world’s controllers!

Add to your MySpace page! Put this page in your top friends! Let others know the truth about the lies & omissions of the “official stories” regarding the events of 9/11!

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