Flashback 2004: Israeli Watchtower Sniper Executes Unarmed, Non-Threatening Gazan School Girl

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An Israeli Watchtower

An Israeli Watchtower

Israeli Officer: I Was Right to Shoot 13-Year-Old Child:

An Israeli army officer who repeatedly shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza dismissed a warning from another soldier that she was a child by saying he would have killed her even if she was three years old.

The officer, identified by the army only as Captain R, was charged this week with illegal use of his weapon, conduct unbecoming an officer and other relatively minor infractions after emptying all 10 bullets from his gun’s magazine into Iman al-Hams when she walked into a “security area” on the edge of Rafah refugee camp last month.

A tape recording of radio exchanges between soldiers involved in the incident, played on Israeli television, contradicts the army’s account of the events and appears to show that the captain shot the girl in cold blood.

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My Commentary: FLASHBACK 2004: An Israeli Captain is accused of executing Iman al-Hams, an innocent thirteen-year-old Gazan schoolgirl, who had accidentally wandered towards one of the many Israeli military posts occupying her tiny, overcrowded refugee prison camp “community,” and was trying to find her way back to safety. The commanding officer allegedly emptied his full clip of ten rifle rounds into the child’s body at close range, after she was first immobilized by a single sniper shot to the leg from a soldier in a nearby Israeli military watchtower post…

Of course, these sorts of events never get the full journalistic, investigative coverage they deserve, and they are quickly swept under the rug, as though an “isolated incident”…

But, here’s the conclusion…

“Not Guilty.” The Israeli Captain Who Emptied his Rifle Into a Gazan Schoolgirl:

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