2nd Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival: Music and Artwork by Rayn Kleipe

"Autistic Artistic Carnival"

“Autistic Artistic Carnival”

2nd Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival: Music and Artwork by Rayn Kleipe:

(Jason Ross, DriveMomCrazy.com) Rayn Kleipe has 2 websites she started Aspergian Woman United and her personal art, music, and blog Acid Rayn

She has been a good friend of mine since we met at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in the New York City chapter

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Discussing the Organization, “Autism Speaks”…

The following correspondence originally took place the website of my friend, and fellow Autistic self-advocate, Jason Ross, “Drive Mom Crazy,” upon his blog post, “This Was Too Much for a Tweet, So Look Here“…

Listen to the Tax Returns, that is...

Listen to the Tax Returns, that is…

Jason Ross: Recently, I noticed Autism Speaks tweeted about how in 45 years The United States of America will be a country of Autistic people. I saw it was even retweeted by someone I follow on my twitter page as well. When I went on Autism Speaks twitter page just now before I posted this, I just noticed it is no longer on their twitter page. Did Autism Speaks realize what they said was absurd?  What was the meaning of Autism Speaks statement? What is the message that they are trying to convey to the public? Is it a scare tactic! Is it really the truth! Autism does not make us horrible nor does it make us incapable.  Autistic people can achieve and fit in to society because it is a handicap like any other.  So why make such an unrealistic and a false statement about Autism? It is a very unrealistic statement since Autism has been around for generations.

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