Wikileaks Documents Identify Head of Libertarian Party as Secret US Intelligence Asset

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EXCLUSIVE: Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets:

(John Vibes) In late 2011, hackers managed to crack into the databases of the global intelligence firm Stratfor and found a large volume of information that connected the firm with military contractors, government agencies, and confidential informants.

In the first months of 2012, these documents were made public by Wikileaks and included millions of emails, which showed Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, and other vital information about their covert operations.

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My Commentary: Surprising? Not really… 2011 Annual Website Review

Page View Statistics from

Page View Statistics from

2011 was a great year for! Check out the following statistics:

In 2010, there were 1,420 page views in total.

In 2011, there were 5,638 page views in total!

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Rayn’s Post Included in Annual “Autistic Speaking Day” Flash-Blogging Event (2011)

"Autistics Speaking Day"

“Autistics Speaking Day”

Along with many other Autistic participants, Rayn’s post, “Autistics Speaking Day 2011!” was included on the website, “Autistic Speaking Day,”as part of their annual flash-blogging event.

Rayn Autistics Speaking Day 2011!

Rayn, an Emcee, Producer, and Illustrator, posted “Autistics Speaking Day 2011!” on and shares some of her experiences as an Autistic woman diagnosed in her twenties, with sensory and social issues.