Discussing Feline Synethesia

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon my Facbeook post, “Feline Synethesia?“…

Rayn: Synethesia? Awesome, either way!

Cat Trying to Catch Bass:

Siobhán L.: maybe…

Siobhán L.: it could be the bass is pushing air…

Brooke N.: Cats are sensitive to vibrations. Their whiskers and eyebrows are sensory organs for that. He keeps looking like he thinks something went past him.

Rayn: Indeed. Even the vibration of bass from a powerful speaker might confuse a feline into some of the behaviors we see in this video. But, I can’t help but to keep watching that part around 1:10, where the kitten was standing in front the speaker, facing it, while looking back at the surface of the table, near its edge. Then, he suddenly spun around, ran over, and attacked the spot he was just looking at. Once he imagined he that he “caught” whatever was there, he proceeded to sniff it multiple times, then even tracked it a bit more, before moving on to chasing more invisible things. Very strange! I wish the video was a high-res one, so I could really study it good!

Jonas A.: Cute 🙂

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