Insidious GMOs

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Better Understanding the “USDA Organic” Seal“…

USDA Organic Seal

USDA Organic Seal

Rayn: It’s Organic, but Does that Mean it’s Safer?

“Organic” foods are simply foods grown naturally, without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or hormones. Refined food products that bear the seal, “USDA ORGANIC,” are still processed in plants, where health and safety conditions within factor into the overall quality of the final product. Buying whole foods that are washed and prepared in the home will significantly reduce the possibility of exposure to these types of bacterial and/or viral contaminates.

When buying eggs or milk, consider the treatment, diet and living conditions of livestock, as well. Go beyond the “organic” seal. Look for products that also say “cage-free” or “free-range,” and “vegetarian.”

Thomas Pr.: I wrote for sbu a paper GM foods should be labeled. 
The phylogeny of an accursed progeny. Is as I see it.

Rayn: Strange that you mention GM foods. I’ve been planning to post the link to an article about the dangers of the Monsanto company and their GM seeds. I believe that GMOs are another form of “genetic vandalism” against Nature.

Thomas Pr.: All tomatoes are GM. You want Burpee seeds for your window sill cherry tomato vines?
Its Monsanto, and don’t be surprised if you become addicted to them. There is old man nicotine in the roots (leaves).

Rayn: Damn! I didn’t know that! You learn something new every day! I bet Monsanto will claim that they genetically modify their tomatoes with nicotine because it is a natural pesticide. While this is true, I’d love to see the studies that show the longterm effects of this sort of abominable creation on the human body! Or, how about the ecosystem, once the wind kicks up and the natural crossbreeding begins?! Unlike this insanity, true good science is well-rounded, taking consideration of all factors, and making the necessary modifications required to achieve substancial positive advancement – without creating more problems! GMO is is psuedo-scientific corporatism at its worse since “eugenics”! Please take the time to post your “Phylogeny of an Accursed Progeny” paper in the “notes” section of your Facebook page, as I would definitely love to read it, as well as comment on it! The title alone draws my attention!

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