Discussing the British “Royal” Family

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Genaire: Russell Brand Versus the Royal Family (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha):

Anke M.: Jeez, it’s not news. All the Royal Families in Europe are related. My Royal Family too. It all stems from the fact that Germany had so many Princedoms, so when scouring about for an appropriate spouse, that’s where everyone went. It’s NOT a scandal! It’s a mere fact.

Genaire: I like the fact that he’s pointed out how it’s outlived its usefulness.

Anke M.: I love my Royal Family!

Genaire: You can have them and take the office of the presidency to. Lol

Anke M.: Silly! I was at the King’s Coronation in 2013. It was great! Gorgeous young family. And of course I adore his mother, Princess Juliana as well. Had the honor of traveling with her several times in the Seventies. A sweetheart!


“Spot the Difference: One is a moth-ridden old muppet and the other lives on Sesame Street”
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