In South Carolina, Complying with Arbitrary Orders of Police Still Isn’t Enough to Prevent Being Shot Down

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Dash cam video showing an violent encounter between Sean Groubert and Officer Levar Jones

Dash cam video showing an violent encounter between Sean Groubert and Officer Levar Jones

Video Released of Trooper-Involved Shooting:

The video showing a shooting involving a former South Carolina state trooper and an unarmed man has been released to the public.

The video was taken from the dash camera installed inside 31-year-old Sean Groubert’s vehicle during an encounter in which Groubert shot 35-year-old Levar Jones on September 4th. The incident took place at a Circle K gas station on Broad River Road in Columbia.

Groubert was charged Wednesday with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature in connection with the incident. Bond was set at $75,000.

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My Commentary: Much like politicians, most police are just professional liars, paid to fabricate evidence against peaceful, innocent individuals.

Think critically, and you will soon see that there is NO VICTIM to speak of from a so-called “seat-belt violation,” making the State the only real Accuser in this equation! And, as you can witness for yourself, the costumed coward, operating under color of law, immediately escalates a peaceful, victimless situation into a violent violation of an innocent man using State-issued lethal force!

So, where are all of you gun-control suckers, now? From the resounding silence that comes from your ilk after each of these police shootings, it looks to me like y’all are just a bunch of sniveling, State-worshiping slaves! Where is the outrage, and demands for gun reforms upon agents of the State? Just as we all knew, you weak-willed whacklings are really PRO-ELITIST-GUN-CONTROL-FREAKS!

When will you connect the dots, and understand that YOU have emboldened the pigs to murder without resistance?

America has a bullying problem disguised as a freedom problem!