The Symptoms Are Everywhere, But the Underlying Problem is the Deadly Institution Known as “The State”

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NYPD Quotas:

My Commentary: Let us treat the problem, not just the symptoms! These elitist control-freaks would be powerless without the legal monopoly on “justice” and violence that is THE STATE! It is THIS DEADLY INSTITUTION that provides them with the ability to criminalize our humanity, while simultaneously legalizing their criminality!

Democide: 20th Century Mortacracies:
(260+ million human beings were murdered by their own gov’t over the last century – and, these figures don’t even account for all of the casualties from the imperialistic wars of aggression that these psychopaths have orchestrated during that time)

No victim, no crime! Any form of “regulation” beyond this is an overreaching violation of the innocent and peaceful in search of a boogie man that lives no further than the nearest mirror, whether the alleged violation be “jaywalking,” “failure to wear a seatbelt,” a “broken taillight,” selling loose cigarettes, etc.

“The more laws, the less justice.” – Marcus Cicero
“The more corrupt the State, the more it legislates.” – Tacitus

Police are a State-funded gang of thugs, trained and ordered to harass, extort, rob, kidnap, cage, brutalize and murder the most vulnerable members of society, in an effort to empower and enrich the State, and the military-prison-industrial-complex that controls it!

Major 2016 Presidential Candidates for Both Parties Represent Different Flavors of Tyranny

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Sadly, too many Americans seem to completely doublethink their way through the political landscape of this country. They’re outraged by ex-KKK leader, David Duke’s, endorsement of Trump:

Ex-KKK Leader, David Duke Declares Support for Donald Trump:

However, they are either ignorant of, or apologists for, Hillary Clinton’s public praise of Robert Byrd (an ex-KKK member who served as Democratic senator of West Virginia, while also becoming both Democratic majority and minority leader between the early and late 1980s):

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member, Senator Robert Byrd:

Meanwhile, they have no problem with the Communist Party’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders last year, though this particular system of “government” is directly responsible for murdering approximately 100 million human beings in the past century…

The Communist Party Endorsed Sanders Last Year So the Media Should Be Asking Him to Disavow That Any Second Now:

Mass Killings Under Communist Regimes:

Supporters of Sanders also typically ignore the fact that so-called “Communist States” never even use such a term to describe themselves, and prefer to refer to their political system as a “Socialist State,” and/or a “Workers’ State” (while often identifying by the term “Republic,” too, ironically, and also engaging in “elections”)!
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IRONY: Taking a Brief Moment to Celebrate the Revolutionary Nature of Anarchy, While Continuing to Defend the State

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"You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right." - Rosa Parks

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” – Rosa Parks

Taking a brief moment to celebrate the revolutionary nature of Anarchy, in between wholeheartedly defending the State as a “lawful authority” and a “necessary evil,” enacted to protect society.


Circular Reasoning, Statist Edition Series: Example 4

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"A social contract is valid because it's the law is valid because it's..."

“A social contract is valid because it’s the law is valid because it’s…”

My CommentaryCircular reasoning: “A social contract is valid because it’s the law is valid because it’s a social contract is valid because it’s the law is valid because it’s a social contract is valid because…” *head spins*

This particular addition to my “Circular Reasoning: Statist Edition” album is timed in perfect synchronicity, as the beautiful follow-up to the debate that ensued on yesterday’s post within this series of photos:

Circular Reasoning: Debate a Statist Edition:

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