State Priority Number One: Eliminating All Accountability

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Cops Let Suspect Escape to Harass Man Legally Filming Them:

My Commentary: State priority number one: eliminating all accountability.

Never Forget… World Trade Center 7 Witness, Barry Jennings

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Never forget… that Barry Jennings, who was tasked with helping to man the Office of Emergency Management on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center 7, was one of the last two men to exit the building alive. Not only did he find the entire center completely abandoned, he also witnessed multiple explosions take place within the building as he attempted to escape, even leaving him hanging on the landing of a set of stairs, as the floor voided out beneath him from explosions happening below him, at one point…

Barry Jennings Interviews (WABC-TV, 2001 / LTW, 2007):

Shabath Shalum! Happy Pesach! Baruk HaShem Yahuwah! Halalu Yahusha!

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"Shabat(h) Shal(u)m"

“Shabat(h) Shal(u)m”

My Commentary: Shabath Shalum! Happy Pesach! Halalu Yahusha, our Mashiach, for making the ultimate sacrifice to expose the murderous, torturous slave-system of the Accuser before the eyes of the whole Earth, for all generations to witness, in the Name of Yahuwah! Baruk Ha’Shem Yahuwah!

Police Officer Brutalizes Woman, Then Tazes Concerned Witness

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Genaire: Police Officer Brutalizes Woman, Then Tazes Concerned Witness:

Genaire: Check it out, Sha A.

Rayn: A.C.A.B.!

Sha A.: Wtf.