Even While Tax-Payer Subsidized Amtrak is $21 Billion in the Hole, the Company Will Now Waste Over $2 Billion on a Minor, Insignificant, Almost Completely Unnecessary “Upgrade”

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Amtrak train

Amtrak train

Amtrak is Spending Billions So You Can Travel 3 mph Faster on a Small Section of Track:

I love train travel. I’ve enjoyed it in France, Italy, China, and even here in the States. I think it would be awesome to have a private, nationwide, high-speed rail network in America, though I recognize that practical considerations make that highly unlikely for the foreseeable future.

I mention all that to say that in sharing this story I’m not anti-train; I’m anti-stupid wastes of taxpayer money.

You see, the Department of Transportation has announced its largest loan in history: $2.4 billion to Amtrak to pay for faster service in the Northeast corridor.

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My Commentary: Brilliant!

American Government Orders Hundreds of Millions of Pounds of Food to be Destroyed Every Year

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Santucci Farm – Traverse City Cherries: These cherries are beautiful! But, we have to dump 14% of our tart cherry crop on the ground to rot. Why? So we can allow the import of 200 million pounds of cherries from overseas! It just doesn’t seem right. What do you think? Please share this on your Facebook page???. Just to let everyone know we are not allowed to donate or in any way use diverted cherries. I have people who would buy them if I could sell them. Also these are tart cherries with a very short shelf life


My CommentaryUS Government Orders Farmers To Destroy 30 Million Pounds Of Their Own Crop:

And, during the “Great Depression,” the State ordered hundreds of millions of pounds of food be destroyed to artificially boost market prices, even while millions of Americans spent years starving.

THIS is the Nature of the State…