Cops Murder Homeless Man for Victimless “Crime” of “Illegally Camping”

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James Boyd, just moments before Albuquerque police execute him

James Boyd, just moments before Albuquerque police execute him

RAW Police Helmet Camera Captures Shooting Of James Boyd In The Sandia Foothills In Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Helmet Cam Footage Shows Cops Murder a Man for “Illegally Camping”:

38 year old James Boyd had been camping in a spot that the state deemed “illegal.” Trigger happy officers were dispatched to the scene and Boyd was murdered by them.

Boyd was being cordial and surrendering and he started walking down the mountain. At this point the aggressive and violent escalation by police led to a flash bang grenade and then shots fired.

Apparently cops wearing cameras does not deter them from murdering people.

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My Commentary: Cowardly, self-serving agents of the State arrive armed to the teeth, and yet, STILL remain so in fear for their pathetic lives that they once again unnecessarily escalate a situation to violence, eagerly applying lethal force, and murdering a homeless man in cold blood as he attempts to peacefully surrender himself for the victimless “crime” of “illegal camping” within the sprawling Sandia foothills in Albuquerque, New Mexico…