George Soros Ruled Over the Ukraine in 2014

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Billionaire George Soros, the control-freak

Billionaire George Soros, the control-freak

Leaked Memo Proves George Soros Ruled Ukraine in 2014, Minutes from “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”:

(Alex Christoforou) We noted in a previous post how important Ukraine was to George Soros, with documents from DC Leaks that show Soros, and his Open Society NGO, scouring the Greek media and political landscape to push the benefits of his Ukraine coup upon a Russian leaning Greek society.

Now more documents, in the massive 2,500 leaked tranche, show the immense power and control Soros had over Ukraine immediately following the illegal Maidan government overthrow.

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My Commentary: Mummy…

Imperialistic War Criminals in US Funding Racist, Extremist Terrorists in the Ukraine to Effect “Regime Change”

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Natalie M.: What’s going on in Russia?

“America was built on two monumental crimes: the genocide of the Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans. The tendency of official America is to memorialize other people’s crimes and to forget its own in order to seek a high moral ground as a pretext to ignore real issues.” – Mahmood Mamdani

Rayn: Imperialistic war criminals in the US are funding racist, extremist terrorists in the Ukraine, in an attempt to effect American-corporation-friendly “regime change” in the region. In other words, it’s “business as usual” for the sociopathic scum of the Earth…