NY Assemblywoman Introduces Tyrannical Legislation to Enforce Mandatory Voting Through Use of Penalty Fee

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Democratic Assemblywoman and tyrant, Deborah Glick

New Yorkers Who Don’t Vote Would Pay $10 Fine Under Assemblywoman’s Bill:

() A state lawmaker from Manhattan wants to make it costly for New Yorkers not to vote.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a Democrat, introduced legislation this week that would establish “compulsory voting” in the state and punish those who don’t vote with a $10 fine.

“Mandatory voting would drastically increase civic participation and transform the political arena by making politicians more reflective of the constituents that elected them,” Glick wrote in a memo submitted with the bill.

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My Commentary: Manufacturing the “consent of the governed” through penalty fees… Seems legit…

Doublethinking About the American Government’s Bipartisan Efforts to Destroy Liberty

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“Want to know how this guy was able to authorize the wall with just his signature?
Because these guys voted in favor of building it while in the Senate”

My Commentary: If you think liberty isn’t the enemy of both RepubliConArtists and DemoCrackPots… “you’re gonna have a bad time.”

H.R. 6061 (109th): Secure Fence Act of 2006, passed 80-19 by the Senate, under the Bush administration:

Notable “yea” votes include: Barack Obama (D-IL), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Chuck Shumer (D-NY), Joe Biden (D-DE), Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Christopher Dodd (D-CT), among others…

California Senate Deems Themselves Political Royalty, Deserving of Their Own, Less Restrictive Gun Laws

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"Welcome to California"

“Welcome to California”

CA Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws:

(Scott Osborn) The California state senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not.

They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the California.

You think maybe this will cause Californians to rise up? NOPE! It happened 5 years ago and since California has passed a plethora of other gun laws…that only apply to citizens.

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My Commentary: Shocking, right?

Control-Freaks Call Police, Get Father and Son Unlawfully Evicted from Public Park for Using Tennis Court to Play Catch

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Video: Child Weeps as Officer Kicks Dad Off Court:

A confrontation captured on video between an El Paso police officer and a man playing catch with his 6-year-old son left the terrified child in tears as the officer removed them from the tennis courts despite no rules prohibiting them from playing catch in the area.

Mauricio Solis and his 6-year-old son were removed from the tennis courts at Cielo Vista Park, 9030 Cosmos Ave., after a couple of women called the El Paso Police Department to report that the father and son were playing catch on the courts, Solis said.

Solis posted three videos to YouTube that show the confrontation between him and the officer, who is only identified as Sgt. Quintanilla in the video.

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My Commentary: I don’t know who’s worse… The pathetic women who arbitrarily called the pigs on this father and son, in an effort to bully and punish them for peaceful activity they simple didn’t agree with, or the costumed criminals, operating under color of law, who decided to confront this innocent family, and enforce what really amounts to their opinions upon the two, with the threat of abduction and extortion, for failure to follow their unlawful orders.

But, Without Government, Who Would Trash Mass Quantities of Food Intended for the Homeless?

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State-trashed charity food

State-trashed charity food

Rayn: 3,000 Homeless People Denied Food As City Forces Charity to Bleach the Food and Throw it In Dumpster:

Sandra C.: That’s a Shame! Is this
What we are teaching our
Children today? To be
Mean to other people?

Rayn: You see, only the government has truly benevolent intentions towards the poor. Everyone else is guilty having malicious motives, until proven innocent, in the form of a government-issued “permit.” Attempts at volunteer-based charity are *especially* suspicious, as there is no legitimate reason to help the needy without being paid to do so!

(I’m being sarcastic, of course, but ridicule works much better when delivered this way)