Politics is the Refuge of the Logically-Illiterate, and Morally-Confused!

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Unsatisfied with the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections, some angry voters took to the streets to protest.

Unsatisfied with the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections, some angry voters took to the streets to protest.

Police Calm Millennial Protesters By Handing Out Participation Trophies:

As anti-Trump rallies nationwide turned hostile overnight with widespread reports of violence, looting, vandalism, and death threats against the president-elect and his supporters, police in numerous major cities were able to instill calm and regain control by handing out participation trophies to all millennial protesters who were enraged about losing the election, sources confirmed.

The shrewd tactic was the idea New York Police Officer Joe Butler, who has three twentysomething children himself, and noted to reporters Thursday that he remembered how his children “never had to deal with losing as they were growing up.”

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My Commentary: Great little piece of satire! Apparently, for some of the presidential election’s losers, their “I voted” participation sticker simply wasn’t enough! LOL!

Think about this… If Killary had been chosen as president, any protests against her rulership would be attacked by the mainstream media monopoly with a PASSION… “sexism,” “misogyny,” “sore losers,” “anti-democratic,” “anti-american”

And, if things were reversed, all of the Republican-leaning media sources would be just as guilty, too! Honestly, even now, some of them are spewing anti-secession sentiment, even though they were pro-Texas secession, when it suited them!

All I see, everywhere, is hypocrisy, and doublethink. Politics is the refuge of the logically-illiterate, and morally-confused!

Discussing Disturbing Medical Criminality

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Stacie T….

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Stacie T.Keemonta Peterson – Jailed After Circumcising Baby With Box Cutter And Pliers:

Sara: What a disgusting piece of shit.

Sara: Seriously, what a fucking retard. She “read the bible” and “watched youtube video”? So suddenly you’re a fucking doctor? How cruel can one person be. No pain medication, no anesthesia, just decided it was time to circumcise her son and then let it bleed uncontrollably for 2 hrs before calling 911. I feel sick to my stomach, I hope her son goes to a better home and never sees this psycho again.

Stacie T.: Read up on Dr. Kermit Gosnel and his illegal late term abortion clinic. It will really make you sick. He practiced the daily murder of viable infants via scissor to the spinal cord until a patient was killed by an overdose of anethesia in January. He had untrained teenagers administering the anesthesia and jars with infant parts stored all over the filthy office.

Rayn: How putrid! Now, Gosnel is a TRUE psychopath! The woman above seems to be more like a complete and total moron, dangerously lacking in common sense (though, I could be wrong)… Either way, they BOTH sick people that deserve to be exposed, ridiculed, and shunned, regardless of their motives… (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)