Clary Did More Good for Humanity in a Single Morning Than McCain Did for His Entire War Criminal Career

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Daniel K. Clary, in November 2017, as he defends himself from arbitrary abduction by two Pennsylvania state troopers for suspicion of a victimless drug war “crime”

Judge Sentences Man Who Shot Pennsylvania State Trooper on Route 33 to 53½ to 110 Years:

(Pamela Lehman) The actions of a 22-year-old man convicted of shooting at two Pennsylvania state troopers during a routine traffic stop last year showed him “capable of killing them for absolutely no justification,” a Northampton County judge said Friday as he sentenced the shooter to prison for what will likely be most of his life.

After nearly three hours of emotional testimony in a courtroom filled with dozens of state troopers, Judge Stephen Baratta ordered Daniel Clary to spend 53 ½ to 110 years in prison for trying to kill state police Cpl. Seth Kelly and Trooper Ryan Seiple during a Nov. 7 gunfight in Plainfield Township.

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My Commentary: This man did more good for humanity in a single morning than John McCain did for his entire career as a war criminal. Keep swallowing the State kool-aid, tax cattle.

Fuck the War on DrugsNo Victim, No Crime.

Police: De Facto Tax Revenue Collectors for the State, or Simply “Doing Their Job”?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

"I know you were only doing 2 mph over, but if I don't write 100 of these tickets a month, I will be fired."

“I know you were only doing 2 mph over, but if I don’t write 100 of these tickets a month, I will be fired.”

Genaire: Must be quota time in NJ. The highway state pigs – oops, I mean “troopers” – are out in force fucking with people.

Terrence B.: Oh stop it! They got too work too. Smh! If not idiots would be dropping the needle then what? Lol

Rayn: They’re “just following orders,” right? SMH! During the Nuremberg trials, the Nazis attempted that EXACT defense strategy, yet the international community staunchly REJECTED it as PURE FALLACY!

QUOTAS were already established as UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the American court system. Therefore, if an officer is given “orders” to engage in such criminal activity, it is his DUTY as a CITIZEN FIRST, to REFUSE, and then FILE A COMPLAINT against his superior! Attempting to claim job security as an excuse for violating our civil rights is just a pathologically pathetic EXCUSE for TYRANNY!!!

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