Government: Expanding and Cornering the Black Market, Since Inception!

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"No medical value?"

“No medical value?”

BREAKING: DEA Proves Loyalty to Big Pharma, Maintains Cannabis Has “No Medicinal Value”:

(Jay Syrmopoulos) The federal government has once again revealed itself as nothing more than puppets to the big pharma industry. On Thursday, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) moved to deny any changes to marijuana under its federal drug schedule, keeping the drug in the most restrictive category for U.S. law enforcement purposes.

For decades the pharmaceutical industry has poured millions into the pockets of corrupt politicians as they lobbied to keep cannabis illegal. As the Free Thought Project reported last month, a new study from the University of Georgia shows exactly why all that money was spent. Legal marijuana destroys big pharma’s profits.

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My Commentary: Government: expanding and cornering the black market, since inception!

Does Cannabis Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth?

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I noticed that an acquaintance had posted a comment here, upon the following artwork, and after reading her words, I promptly replied…

"Marijuana forces cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading." (artwork by WTF Facts)

“Marijuana forces cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading.”

Jennifer H.: Um, that’s madeup bullshit.

Tony W.: thats dumb. if that was the case theyd give weed to all cancer patients immediately when finding out. or immediately after removing a cancerous tumor etc

RaynIt’s “Cannabis”, not “Marijuana”. And, while I can’t vouch for the exact wording used in the above graphic illustration, nor its promotion of combustion and smoke inhalation as a medicinal means of delivering the plant’s compounds to the body, the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis are real, reproducible, and only now being recognized by scientists. Here is a recent mainstream article on the subject:

Marijuana Compound Fights Cancer; Human Trials Next:
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Drug Czar Claims Hemp Fiber Contains THC

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

White House "Drug Czar" Gil Kerlikowske

White House “Drug Czar,” Gil Kerlikowske

Drug Czar Claims Hemp Fiber Contains THC:

(TokeoftheTown) Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske has a response(ish) to a petition sent to the White House supporting the legalization of hemp. In his “response,” Gil reveals either a stunning ignorance about hemp, or a shocking propensity to tell a whopper.

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My Commentary: Who gave this stooge a speaking role? I probably shouldn’t be so hard on him, though. He’s just relaying to the public more of that progressive government “science” we’ve all come to know and love!