In America, “Law and Order” Looks Exactly Like Torture

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Mississippi Officer Terminated for Excessive Force:

My Commentary: Wow…”Law and order” sure looks a whole lot like “torture.” Ironically, if this man were a convicted criminal in prison, secured in handcuffs, this would easily be deemed “cruel and unusual punishment” in most States…

No Justice for Police Murder Victim, Danielle Maudsley

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Censorship is Security – Debt is Money – Tyrants Are Servants“…

Censorship is Security – Debt is Money – Tyrants Are Servants:

“Danielle Maudsley, 20-yrs-old, was handcuffed and not posing any threat to Officer Daniel Cole. Cole tasered her in the back, and continued electrocuting her while she fell to the pavement.

As she lied on he ground, Danielle said, ‘I can’t get up.’ Cole sneered, ‘I don’t want you to get up.’ Danielle repeated, ‘I can’t get up.’ Those were her last words. She is now permanently brain-dead.”

Rayn: This graphic is outdated. In September of 2013, Danielle succumbed to her injuries, and passed away. Yet, the murdering swine, Daniel Cole, was cleared of any wrongdoing, even as his victim was still languishing in the hospital, completely brain-dead from the injuries he inflicted upon her…

Gray E.: That’s murder

Lane L.: Also not charged for failing to call for an ambulance.

Lenard L.: here’s the story.

James C.: Schutzstaffel

Curt T.: POV cameras would help a little with these crocked bastards.